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An Overview of Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia is a vision problem that afflicts most middle-aged people. It is result of the degradation of the lens and muscles in our eyes, which makes us incapable of adjusting our visual focus. As it is part of our natural aging process, this condition may affect everyone, even those who used to have excellent eye condition.

Because presbyopia restricts the eyes’ capacity to focus, affected people are forced to adjust their distance from what they are looking at, rather than simply changing the focus of their eyes. This results to many practical difficulties – such as having to read everything at arm’s length – and may even cause headaches and other effects of eye strain.

Thankfully, there are now different treatments for presbyopia, any of which has their own unique advantages. Supracor Epi-LASIK and Monovision Epi-LASIK are two types of treatment that changes the shape of the cornea to correct the visual problem. Other types of treatment are Lens Implants and Multifocal IOL (intra ocular lens), which restores proper vision by replacing the faulty natural lens of the eyes.

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